There was a swing

A piece of wood

Hanging with scratchy rope

From a tall tall tree

The ground was

Soft sand

my shoes suede


as soft as the bottoms

feeling slopes of sand as I walked

A rusted pail

Blue with yellow peeling


Small flat shovel with a bent corner

Painted blue like

The warm summer sky

Screened porch all around

The feel of Grandma all around me

Her white curls glowing

Blue eyes through glasses

Flowered house dress with green buttons

The cat on the porch where Uncle David Sleeps

His smile, always looking hurt

You too my sister

But I cannot remember you then




You turned round and round

Black velvet and white satin

I was so proud of you

My sister so elegant

Like a movie star

Swirling into that big shiny

New Buick

All black and white

I remember you then

so unknowing of tomorrows

Big Sister

following you

your friends

all looked so tall

there was a Martha


LenoreI think there were twins

one had a sister

my age

in one of those private houses

that had flowers in front

a ladder in the middle of a room

you were

decorating for a party