It was the middle of a dark night

Following the white line

On foggy L.I.expressway

Such a warm feeling

Waking in the morning

Those bouncy kids jumping

On me to wake me up

Felt at home

Never a stranger

Knowing I was always welcome

an open door

never really knowing

how you felt

grown up and sure

is how I saw you


Raised eyebrow

As your full mouth to it's

Downward home returns

A certain pride

Like the dancer you once

Dreamt of being

Straight back and square shoulder

Legs still muscular

Carry your weighted frame

Thinning white hair tops your

Small round head

I cannot speak of your attitude

It Reveals too much of mine



I hear your voice

Crackling over the cell phone

In a midtown taxi

Excited to see you

I hear your voice

Not wanting to see me

My imagination, insecurities

I tell myself

Long walk up seventh

Waiting for the Bayside bus

Familiar images sounds

From yesterdays

Your door opens

Familiar light

My heart happy to see you

I hear your voice

Not wanting me there

Now I see it too

not understanding

thought it all so unconditional

not at home in your home

I fear never to return