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Eyebrow lifts

Nostrils flair

A smile to my lips


I see you

Eyes so blue

In contrast to mine

Could we

Perhaps for a moment

In time

Dropping the artificiality

So much in each other

Can we be

Just sisters

Without our mother

As we are

Twins we are not

Ten years

A generation apart

Split egg

Yolk and white

Turned round

Where you are left

Myself right

Our elbows touch

Your bluest eyes

Wont look

My brownish eyes

Cannot but see

You are in my raised eyebrow

My biting tongue


Mother and father

Live within

How can we not share a taste

A morsel of the now

Together as we are?



I remember each jet button fitting into satin loops the blackness of the fabric deep
it’s short puffed sleeves tight bodice

I turned round and round
my dark hair pilled high. Remembering your large warmth
the whiteness of your hair

My slender dancing body knew
and felt your history in your clothes.

Now, I too would not fit even an arm
into those narrow sleeves.

Where you the only one who loved me?
Truly ever?
And my sister too?

She needs you more now
How do we get to her, grandma?