These images are colour prints (Kodak Endura) measuring 30" x 38".

There are in total 21 images..

Inspired by a snowy day ........I photographed these images through a screen door..capturing the movement of passing, blowiing snow. They are colour prints looking as black and white as the day was.....with hints of diffused colour drifting in and out of view. statement.



Martha Henrickson

from: The Globe and Mail, Gary Michael Dault

Henrickson's seven Snow photographs are among the loveliest productions of her 35 years as an artist. The set-up is conceptual clarity at its most spare and lyrical: the artist has photographed the snow as it piles up -- or doesn't -- on the screen door of her home on Georgian Bay. What I like about the photographs is that nothing changes in them but the disposition of the snow. The trees are the same. The screen is the same. But the snow clots and muffles up the view. Or it beads on the screen as water droplets. Or the wet snow rearranges itself so that it lookslike a map. Or the whole scene retreats behind the screen so that the vast grey field of the picture is pixillated like a TV screen or a newspaper page. In the end, it feels as if there's a whole world outside this door -- soft, grey, pearlescent and endlessly explorable.

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