The  "I"  Within   Who   Sees

photographed between 1990 and 1995

These images were photographed over a period of several years, and were taken while traveling in Canada and the U.S.A. some taken from train windows, car windows, from Ferry's and busses.

They are printed twice, on one piece of photographic paper, from the same negative enlarged differently. All images are gelatin silver prints and measure 20" x 24", in limited editions of 7 each. They were first exhibited at The Jane Corkin Gallery in Toronto, and are in several private, corporate and public collections.

Quiet morning standing as the Ferry sways toward Alaska... stillness all around and stillness within.My eyes looking out through the camea My eyes looking out through myself.... Seeing myself alive in this living time and place..

The  "I"  Within  Who  Sees
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the remaining editions are available for purchase - unframed $1,000.00 each. contact for info.