Soda fountain Candy Store, Brooklyn 1958
Typewriter people - typewriter on paper 1960 NYC
The Deitches E 12th Street NYC 1965 ink on paper
Morning on E. 12th NYC 1965 ink on paper
San Francisco our apartment ink on paper 1966
home from work San Francisco 1967
Puzzle play 2 Acrylic on Canvas 3' x 3' San Francisco 1967
some of the crowd, ink on paper
Very early work 1958 to 1968
God Bless America NYC 1960 Typewriter on cigarette wrapper
Staircase Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn 1957 Gouache
Puzzle play 1 Acrylic on Masonite 3' x 3' San Francisco 1966-67
Puzzle Puzzle Acrylic on canvas 1967 San Francisco
Waiting near the Gramercy NYC 1965 ink on paper
Puzzle Shift Color Acrylic on Canvas Dyptich 1967 San Francisco 3' x 5'