Ice Floats 21"x29"


All the Collage works are from my photographs both black and white silver prints, endura colour prints and acrhival digital prints and are one of a kind. My most recent work on 'collage', I see them as moving ideas, visions, images I have
had during many different times in different places,
Something happened when I place two giant Saguaro cacti in and image where you
see glaciers from the Icefield Parkway, something about time and space,
I have not travelled the world, but being touched by different places where I
captured on film using a camera. Film I developed and printed, in rented darkrooms,
my darkroom and the great darkroom at the Banff Centre
These collages are not digital images:
They are me standing and looking and cutting images that I printed long ago. Some
were from digital images taken even with my phone, The final pieces are one of a kind.
The Sky Does Not Lie 35" x 37"
Mountains Are Always 34" x 47" mounted on aluminum....colour endura print added to black and white silver print.

Shadows revisited 20" x 32"
Chance Again
Chance Again 20" x 24"
The Sky does not lie 25" x 37"
Toronto departure 25" x 37"
Blue Bay 21" x 28"
Chance of Where 25" x 37"
Seasons a 3D collage, pieces are not flat 33" x 36"
black and white plant shadows 21" x 29"
Landscape revisited 32" x 32"
KITTY korner 25" x 37"
Georgian Bay and Provence 21" x 28"
Water and Earth approx. 32"x32"